january 21, 2009

in the same way that people who've never worked in an office don't get office space, maybe if you're not a superhero you won't get super office space. . .

january 11, 2009

goooooooooooooooooooooal!. . .

january 6, 2009

what tripped me out the most about this vid showing the industrial process behind making condoms, is knowing that somewhere out there a dude has, with his bare hands, touched the same condom you're slipping on your hoohoodilly. . . also, not only does this dude pronounce "pasta" all fucked up, he fucking sounds like ross from friends. . .

october 14, 2008

if you've got time to kill, here's a music video of cats flushing toilets, and here's a psa for the upcoming switch to hdtv next february. . .

july 2, 2008

remember that guy who did that internet meme in which he shot video of himself doing a little jig in various cities around the world?. . . well it looks like he scored a sponsor and put together a pretty brilliant new vid doing the same thing. . .

may 8, 2008

the movie event of the century!. . . and although the question borders on the sacrilegious, i will grudgingly admit that this dude is probably right. . .

april 19, 2008

if you've ever seen kevin smith do one of his Q&As and dug what you heard, you'd probably get a kick out of his hour-long smodcasts. . .

april 11, 2008

so related to the previous link, here's a time lapse video a cat owner made to see just what his cat was up to while he was at work. . . answer: not much, apparently. . .

also, the catcam, which i may have mentioned before, is now for sale! (time lapse vid link stolen from db). . .

april 9, 2008

the more i watch this short vid of a narcoleptic cat, the more it makes me laugh (link stolen from waxy). . .

april 8, 2008

another way i've been avoiding doing my taxes is by going to see the jake and amir shorts. . . if you've never seen 'em, some of the ones i kind of dig are song, ace, bowling for soup, my boy, office fantasy, new website, jake's computer, and movie debate. . .

march 26, 2008

who do you think would win in a fight - a minotaur with a trident, or a centaur with a crossbow?. . . i think ice-t had the best answer (link stolen from this metafilter thread). . .

march 25, 2008

the other day i stumbled across some standup comic named louis c.k. who i thought was pretty funny. . . here's part 1, part 2, part 3, and a fourth clip of something that's also happened to me. . .



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Overheard on the subway

january 21, 2009, Oakland, CA

This afternoon I was sitting around waiting for the next BART train (BART is the SF bay area's pseudo subway system) when the station agent made an announcement over the p.a. system.

"BART police, BART police, we have a fare evader. She's a white female wearing a pink jacket and blue jeans, and she's currently headed toward the taxi stand."

After a brief pause, I assume, to try to figure out how to tactfully phrase the next part, the station agent concluded with a succinct, "she's also fat."

Oh man, that shit cracked me up. It's one thing to be aware that you're fat, but it's a whole different ballgame when it gets announced over a p.a. system in a crowded rush hour subway station.
i was tempted to go down the stairs to see the fat chick but my train was coming (semipermalink)

New Traditions

january 11, 2009, under, xmas tree

For the past several years, one of the causes I've been a big proponent of has been "xmas after xmas." As in celebrating xmas a week or two after xmas so that everyone can save a few drachmas at the after-xmas sales, as well as avoid the annoying holiday shopper crowds.

Needless to say, it hasn't caught on very well with younglings, although this past xmas I was, for various reasons, able to do it with my niece. Really the only drawback to my plan is that sometimes the stores are kind of lacking in product as everything's been picked through and nothing's been restocked yet.

A good example was my local Target's toy selection. By the time I wandered into the toy section to look around they only had three types of Barbie dolls - white-trash barbie, spray-on-tan barbie, and straight-up-whore barbie.

Let's just say I ended up getting my niece a Hannah Montana doll instead.
what's sad is that i did it knowing i'd just filled it up (semipermalink)

Holding it in

january 6, 2009, counter, kitchen

for the past several years i've always thought that those britta water pitchers had a relatively large design flaw in that if you ever filled one up and then immediately started to pour water into a glass 'cuz you'd forgotten you'd just filled it up, it might leak a little out of the top. . . having never owned one, however, i was never really sure if i was right. . .

well, i bought one the other day and it ends up i was totally wrong - it doesn't leak a little, the lid pops off and the water falls out all at once in one big, spectacular fwhoosh all over the counter and floor. . .
what's sad is that i did it knowing i'd just filled it up (semipermalink)

Sour grapes

october 14, 2008, 45th place, loserland

so the other day had a contest to see who could come up with the best trailer for a non-existent "jake and amir" movie. . . most everyone went the "starts out normal, but wait, he's psycho!" route so i decided to do it as a straight comedy. . . basically kind of a trailer to just make people who've never heard of jake and amir be interested enough to go check 'em out. . .

here's what i came up with:

"Jake and Amir" Movie Trailer from bloopy on Vimeo.

and fyi, i didn't win. . . i still think it's pretty decent and worth a looksee. . . waaaay too long tho'. . .
i wuz robbed! (semipermalink)

We are experiencing technical difficulties

July 2, 2008, BFE, Teh Intarwebs

Wow, that brownout we had the other day totally hosed my server. Glad it was kind of a piece of shit to begin with, but until I get my act together and fix the piece of shit, this blog is definitely going on a low-cal diet.

And in completely unrelated news, the other day I learned how to tie my shoelaces.


And I don't mean in some fancypants new way, but more along the lines of how I found out that I've been doing it wrong my entire life.

Which sort of explains why I've always had a problem with my shoelaces coming untied several times a day, even with a double knot.

Yes, I'm a fucking dumbass retard.
who knew you could tie a knot backwards? (semipermalink)

A bit before your time

May 8, 2008, Dreamland, USA

So last night I had this dream (okay maybe not so much "last night" as "around 1pm") in which I was at the record store 'cuz, apparently, there was some new deluxe-edition Paul Anka 3-cd greatest hits box set that'd just come out, and I was all excited to get my grubby little hands on it.

I'm just mentioning this little corner of my subconscious thoughts 'cuz I hear dreams are prescient, so if at some point in the next few months there's a resurgence of interest in Paul Anka's music, you all can be on the forefront.
i have no idea what paul anka sounds like (semipermalink)




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